LA Sports Festival 5K OCR

The LA Sports Festival 5K OCR, powered by Vanguard Race, is coming to Baton Rouge, LA on June 9, 2018 7am-2pm.  This 5K OCR challenge includes 25+ obstacles including inverted walls, rope swings, balance beams, cargo net climbs, vertical wall traverse, and much more. Sign up for the Elite 5K course, 5K Open Waves, or Kids Fun Run. All fitness levels are welcome.



LA Sports Festival "Big Easy" Heat

Come challenge yourself at the LA Sports Festival "Big Easy" Heat, powered by Vanguard Race June 9, 2018 6pm-10pm. Anything but "Easy," this experience is not a race in the traditional sense. This endurance event starts at 6pm and lasts into the night, up to four hours. It's similar to a ruck challenge in some ways. The course is always unique and uses the local landscape features a number of the Vanguard Race obstacles. You will learn to work together on difficult physical (and sometimes mental) challenges. You will learn there is no "I" in team, and leaving a comrade behind is not an option.  It is for people of all abilities. We only ask for positive attitudes and willpower to solve problems as a group.


LA Sports Festival OCR Time Trials

The LA Sports Festival OCR Time Trials, powered by Vanguard Race, June 10, 2018 8am-10am, will let you see how you rank up against the rest of the field. These Time Trials put you head-to-head against other competitors in a showdown. The time trial course can be 1+ miles and is all about speed! Each round will have the winner of that heat move on to the next round until we crown a male and female time trials champion,

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OCR Triple-Pass Ticket

Take Your OCR Passion to the Next Level and Sign Up for all three Vanguard Race events at the LA Sports Festival Weekend.  Purchase the Vanguard Race OCR Triple-Pass!

Vanguard Race 5K OCR

Vanguard Race "Big Easy" Heat 

Vanguard OCR Time Trials

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