The Louisiana Sports Festival presents the Great Scavenger Hunt Run June 9, 2018 3pm-5pm. Participants will use their course map and scavenger hunt skills to locate as many hidden objects and return before time runs out. 

You will use the supplied Great Scavenger Hunt Run backpack to store your items as you dash through the course to collect as many of the hidden objects as possible. But, be sure to use your best strategy as some objects are worth more points than others.  And, you will start to lose points every few minutes if you don't arrive at the finish line by your time cutoff. So, quickly grab as many hidden objects as you can and make it back to the finish line. Your course map will show you where each hidden object is located and its point value.

This is an individual event, but many participants tackle the course as a group to share the experience together. Each participant is scored on the number of hidden objects they find.

Staff & spectators will be along the course to cheer you on.  All participants receive a custom event t-shirt, cool swag and a great post-event party. All fitness levels are welcome.