Trail Run Challenge

The LA Sports Festival Trail Run Challenge, powered by Whoa Racing Company, includes a number of trail run events to challenge you both day and night.  Course distances include 5K, 10K and NEW 12K Midnight Challenge. Come out and challenge yourself and have a great adventure. All participants receive a custom event shirt, and great post-run festival. All fitness levels are welcome.


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LA Sports Festival Midnight Challenge

LA Sports Festival presents a 12K Midnight Challenge powered by Whoa Racing Company on Saturday, June 9 at midnight.  Running is easy, right?  Until you turn out all of the lights! Experience the exhilaration of running through the trails with just your headlamp to light the way. There will be  aid stations at the 4K and 8K mark leading you on your way to victory! All fitness levels are welcome.

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LA Sports Festival Trail Run Events

LA Sports Festival presents a 5K and 10K Trail Run, powered by Whoa Racing Company, on Sunday, June 10 at 8am-10am. Come challenge yourselves to these fun courses. There will be  aid stations along the course leading you on your way to victory! All fitness levels are welcome.